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5 pounds of peanuts
Water to cover
1 cup of salt per 5 pounds of peanuts

Boil 2 hours

I like mine salty: the trick (to get the right flavor), is to boil them to the right consistancy, usually about 2 hours. Then, if you want them saltier, DO NOT add more salt and boil some more. Rather, let them sit in their brine as it cools. Every 20 minutes or so, taste one. When they are salty enough for you, drain them. (This means you don't have to taste hot peanuts, and they don't get too soggy. It also gets them saltier quicker.)

3 lb green peanuts. 1/2 cup salt. 1/4 cup cajun seasoning. 1 heaping tablespoon of cayenne. water. 8 quart pot. Rinse green peanuts in water several times. Cover green peanuts with water in the pot and turn up heat to high. Add salt, cajun seasoning, cayenne. Boil for three hours, check on them frequently, and stir. Add boiling water as needed. Allow to cool off in brine before draining. Don't drain them right away because they could dry out if you drain them when they're still piping. Let sit in pot until cool before you drain them..the longer they sit in the brine, the saltier/spicier they get. Can freeze uncooked green peanuts for up to three months before use. Thaw before boiling! Can freeze cooked boiled peanuts and throw them in a pot of boiling water when ready to eat!

Been eating em since I was a kid, most everyone loves em in Hawaii, although lots of different preferences.Some salty/or not,soft/firm,juicy/dry, hot/cold, or with differents spices.I like mine salty,firm,juicy,cold with no additional spices.I typically use 2# raw peanuts, wash in cold H2O then fill to cover peanuts and bring to boil on high, when boiling reduce to med/high for 1 more hour(make sure there is always enough H2O to cover nuts and stir occasionally to even out cooking). At 1 hour add 6 oz. sea/rock salt and boil for another 30 min. After 30 min. turn off heat and let sit for 4-5 hours or until cool(this makes em more juicy, you can even put a plate over them to weigh them down, just make sure there is enough H2O to cover them). If you drain nuts while they are hot the steam evaporating will make them drier.

I have never made boiled peanuts before and had only tried them once-hated them. My husband spent summers in SC as a kid and loved them. When I saw raw peanuts on sale figured I would give them a try. I put them in a crock pot on low and cooked overnight-thanks for that tip! My husband loves them and I don't mind them either because they are not all mushy like the ones I tried before. Will definitely make again!

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